Why is dna with a high gc content more difficult to denature than that with a low gc content?

Alisa Deckow asked a question: Why is dna with a high gc content more difficult to denature than that with a low gc content?
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Why is DNA with a high GC content more difficult to denature than that with a low GC content? DNA with high GC content have additional hydrogen bonding between the C=G base pair, making it harder to denature.


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The water can support fish

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Magma that is highly viscous with a high silica and gas content creates what kind of eruption?

very explosive

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Potent Lemon Extract McCormick "Pure Lemon Extract" contains 83% alcohol.

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  • Reverse Osmosis can also be a treatment for iron within well water, as well as other minerals within. They aren’t specifically made for iron, but the process of RO filtration will work for iron, as well as trace levels of arsenic and other unwanted elements such as lead and fluoride.

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