Why does concrete get weaker with higher water content?

Elnora Nitzsche asked a question: Why does concrete get weaker with higher water content?
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When excess water creates greater spaces between aggregate materials, the voids fill with air after the moisture evaporates. The resulting inadequate compaction reduces the concrete's strength. Concrete with trapped air levels as little as 10 percent experience reductions in strength of up to 40 percent.


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📋 What does air content tell in concrete?

  • Air content is very important to the project engineer. The amount of air can increase or decrease the strength of the concrete, can determine whether the concrete is protected from freeze-thaw conditions or is prone to weathering, and can affect the finish and cosmetic look of the concrete.

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Why is moisture content important in concrete?

How Moisture Affects Concrete Strength. Increased space between cement grains: Higher water-to-cement ratios result in greater spacing between the aggregates in cement, which affects compaction. Similarly, increased moisture levels reduce the concrete's compressive strength and durability.

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true or false?

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How do you calculate moisture content in existing concrete floors?

There are several test devised, pertaining to moisture content in concrete! Everything from vapor emissions to relative humidity. By Far the most reliable is ASTM 2170 that measures the relative humidity inside the concrete. Unusual question for a lay person, since most people don't even consider concrete is a giant sponge! Don't fall for ASTM 1869 as a test method --- Very cheap, but not worth much. If someone shows up with a surface moisture meter for testing --- Show him the Door!

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