Why do you have to be connected to xbox live to play rock band 2 downloaded content?

Syble Reynolds asked a question: Why do you have to be connected to xbox live to play rock band 2 downloaded content?
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📋 Do you have to be connected to xbox live to get downloadable content for the xbox 360?

Yes you have to be connected to Xbox live to get the downloadable content for your Xbox 360

📋 Can you play downloaded content on a ps3 that someone on a different profile downloaded?

if they send it to you

📋 How much points do you need to get the download able xbox 360 rock band 2 content?

The point cost is next to the song.....

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The reason you have to be connected to xbox live to download songs is because you getting them from the xbox mainframe and you need to be connected to the internet in order to download them

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Where do i put downloaded content for sims4?

how to get custom content on sims 4 ps4 sims 4 custom content

Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods is the folder you need in order to install mods and cc. Sims/lots go inside the Tray folder. The process for downloading both CC and Mods is the same, so we will cover them both at once. They are installed in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Mods.

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Why does your xbox not let you download content and say it cant retrieve information from xbox live?

2 reasons why it might say that. 1 you are not gold will restrict you 2 network connection is terrible

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How do i find downloaded content on my phone?

Find the file manager app

By far the easiest way to find downloaded files on Android is to look in your app drawer for an app called Files or My Files. Google's Pixel phones come with a Files app, while Samsung phones come with an app called My Files.

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How do i put downloaded content into my sims?

To do this, go to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods. Once you're in that folder, simply right-click anywhere and then select "Paste." You'll then see the . package files you've downloaded appear! When you start up your game, the mod or CC you've installed should be there and working perfectly!

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How do i put downloaded content into sims 4?

Sims 4 players will need to manually enable any downloaded custom content and mods through the in-game menu. To do this, press ESC, then go to 'Game Options', then 'Other'. From there, you can select 'Enable custom content and mods' and 'Script mods Allowed' to turn on your custom content.

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What is rolling rock alcohol content?

  • Rolling rock alcohol content stands at 4.5% abv and is an American Lager that is preferred by the masses across the world. The Rolling Rock beer was launched by the Latrobe Brewing company in the year 1939 and since that time there hasn’t been any looking back! But that’s just one part of the story.

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Why cant you use the custom content that you have downloaded on the sims 2?

this is a guide on how to properly install custom content into your sims 2 game Alright, i have added a related link that will bring you to something called WinRAR. you need to download WinRAR in order to extract the files and use them in your game. don't worry, the program is free and completely safe. when that is downloaded, go into My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 then create a new folder and name it "Downloads" put everything you download for the sims 2 into this folder. the files should look like a stack of three books, when they are in your newly created folder, select them all and right click, then select "Extract here" when the process is finished you can safely delete the "Stacks of books" but keep the white files in that folder at all times. now when you start your game you might get a pop up saying you have new content in your game, just select the box that says you want to keep the content in the game and then close the game and restart. now when you go into create a sim, or buy mode, all of the custom content that you have downloaded will appear in your game!

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What is live content?

Live content can come out in the shape of live videos, real-time blog posts and chats, and more. Facebook and Instagram Stories are examples of live content, although it goes further than social networks – and we'll get there, keep reading.

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How to download xbox 360 content?

You can also get games directly through your Xbox 360 console.

  1. On your console, sign in to Xbox Live.
  2. Go to Games, and then select Browse Games or Search Games.
  3. Browse or search for the game, add-on, or game demo you want, and then select the item that you want to download.
  4. Select Confirm Download.

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Can itunes u content be downloaded from the itunes store?

Can iTunes U content be downloaded from the iTunes Store?

  • iTunes U content, on the other hand, can only be obtained directly from the iTunes Store, although it is also free to download. Note that you do not require an iTunes Store account to download either podcasts or iTunes U content, except for any iTunes U content that may be restricted to your own organization.

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Do you have to play old world of warcraft content?

  • You will keep access to the "old content". In fact, you must play through the "old content" in order to level a character, due to the way the "leveling flow" works.

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How do you use downloaded content on sims 2 for pc?

If you downloaded it correctly, it should be in the game no problem. When you start the game it will prompt you on whether or no you wan to turn it on or not.....you probably should. Sometimes the content doesn't download properly and you might have to do it again.

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Xbox you can see and share content?

  • Highlight the “Xbox Live Privacy” option and press “A” to select. In the next screen, select the “View Details and Customize” option. Scroll down further and select the “Game Content” option. Move to the right using your Joystick and highlight the “ You Can See and Share Content ” option.

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What is the alcohol content of rolling rock?

4.4 percent

The stats: Established in 1939; 4.4 percent alcohol by volume; 130 calories, 9.8 grams of carbs and 1.3 grams of protein in each 12-ounce can. The official description: “A premium extra pale lager.

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Which igneous rock has the lowest silica content?

Felsic Rocks

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Can iphone play flash content?

  • It is with the help of these flash players one can watch the flash content that can be played on them. Flash players work with all iOS devices. They shall allow you to use Flash on iPhones. Using these apps will not require you to download additional third-party apps.

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Can ps4 play 4k content?

Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro play HD and 3D Blu-ray discs. These discs go up to 1080p, which is the standard for most devices. However, although the PS4 Pro can play games and stream media in 4K, neither PS4 model supports 4K UHD Blu-rays.

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How do you allow sharing content on xbox?

  1. To begin, log into the main account that has control over the Family accounts.
  2. After that, go to All Settings -> Account -> Family.
  3. Once there, choose the child account for which you wish to allow access.

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How do you donload content for xbox 360?

You have to be connected to Xbox Live via a Wireless Router or an Ethernet cable.

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How to get rid of xbox content restrictions?

Select Family settings > Manage family members. Choose a family member, then select Privacy & online safety > Xbox Live privacy > View details and customize > Communication & multiplayer. Select the setting "You can play with people outside of Xbox Live" and click "block" to turn it off.

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Can roku express play local content?

The Roku Media Player is included with some Roku players, and is a free download for everyone else. This tool makes it possible to play local media over your network using the DLNA standard… Any computer can quickly be set up as a DLNA server, allowing any Roku on the same network to stream media from it.

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Can you download custom content for skyrim xbox one?

For the first time on consoles, players will be able to download Skyrim mods on PS4 and Xbox One.

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