What type of magna has a low silica content?

Roman Beer asked a question: What type of magna has a low silica content?
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📋 This type of magma has low silica content?

A mafic.

📋 What does silica content mean?

Any metrial or thing which containts silica in it is call silica content..

📋 What is the silica content of kilauea?

Kilauea erupts low-silica lava.

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Content types can be defined for almost any item in SharePoint. This includes documents and other files, list items, media files, and folders.

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Magma with low silica content tends to be?

Have a lower viscosity rate.

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Which igneous rock has the lowest silica content?

Felsic Rocks

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What igneous rock or magma has the lowest silica content?


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What is the typical moisture content of dry silica sand?


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What is content type and content length?

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What is it called when magma has the highest silica content?


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Does gabbro have a higher silica content than granite?

Gabbro has less silica than granite.

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Does mt.st.helens have a high or low silica content?

It has a high viscosity.

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How does silica content and viscosity effect igneous rocks?

As silica content increases viscosity increases.

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Is magma viscosity directly related to its silica content?

Pretty much. The higher the silica content, the higher the viscosity of the magma.

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Does magma having a silica content of 50 percent is more mafic than one having a silica content of 70 percent?

Correct. The lower the silica content, the more mafic the magma is.

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What is the silica content of magma that has a low viscosity?

low silica content (basaltic magma)

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Does dark colored rock with low silica content describe granite?

Very vague description.

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Is the mauna loa high or low in silica content?


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Content type hub syndication

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