How to make a curriculum content change?

Kelsie Treutel asked a question: How to make a curriculum content change?
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Eight Steps to Curricular Change

  1. Analyze current teaching practices and learning goals…
  2. Re-examine the links between goals and course design…
  3. Reconsider the role of assessment in the course…
  4. Develop teaching strategies and approach…
  5. Explore Curricular Questions…
  6. Gather Data…
  7. Brainstorm the Ideal Major.


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đź“‹ What is curriculum content?

Is content which comprises all despline in the life which school or any educational institute require to gives the students or learner for the given period

đź“‹ How do you prepare curriculum content?

  1. Describe your vision, focus, objectives, and student needs.
  2. Identify resources.
  3. Develop experiences that meet your objectives.
  4. Collect and devise materials.
  5. Lock down the specifics of your task.
  6. Develop plans, methods, and processes.
  7. Create your students' experience.
  8. Go!

đź“‹ What is a curriculum content strategy?

  • The seven content -related strategies focus on “concepts, ideas, strategies, images and information” [10] in curricula. They address abstractness, complexity, variety, organization for learning value, the study of people and the study of methods.

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